Get a white paper for no reason...

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Get a white paper for no reason...

Post  Student on Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:07 am

To be honest i am only 17 and studying right now. The Story begins here >>

The white paper stated that i (2) [Causing unnecessary obstruction on the road] on 1.35pm which i am having class in my college which is 1.00pm till 3.00pm and i have evidence and prove.

Actually i know i did a wrong thing which is parking near the road still, i never block anyone when i park at the side and i seriously care others first before myself.I admit i do mistake because my college have issues with parking and i am in rush with my subject and time is important to me.But police have no rights to straight away sent me into the court and i know i have done nothing wrong in the road before and no record of "Saman", Crashing, penalty or more.

And i found out that only i get the white paper and the other cars which park the same line with me never even receive any white paper.Is it weird? why only i get it..? for no reason its unfair.lf they want to saman me that's fine for me because i know my mistake, but this is to much for a guy who only get his license for 3 months and they(police) very nice of them giving me this "White paper" for nothing.

lf i found out they do it because they are in bad mood or do it for fun.I seriously never forgive them.

Sorry for any errors and very sorry lf is to long and lf i say bad to someone i'm very sorry for everything...but anyone please explain to me whats wrong with me is my mistake that bad until i have to go to court?


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